Da Ivo Venice

There are few places like Da Ivo and when in Venice is one of those restaurants that is a place away from home. Giovanni makes each dinner special and is one of the most generous friends, who always shares his heart without any regrets. The kitchen is an amazing Marrone custom kitchen in a small narrow space where five work shoulder to shoulder without a single breath lost.

I have been in the kitchen 50 times or more, and I have seen the tremendous work that goes into preparing for a full house each night. The kitchen staff is fantastic and the service impeccable, the food excellent, honest, and what you expect when you eat the best Italian cuisine.

No doubt Giovanni’s hospitality extends to important actors who travel each time religiously to enjoy a night there, as we do. A night without Da Ivo doesn’t feel the same, the service, the buzz of the room and Gio’s generosity always makes it enjoyable and memorable.

Da Ivo: https://mesubim.com/2015/10/05/ivo/

The seasonal mushroom risotto is creamy rich mantecato /Manteˈkato/ the name given to the final vigorous whisking in of butter, an essential technique In making risotto. One of the secrets is in the rice itself and none other than Italy’s finest carnaroli grains are used. A deft traditional cooking style of gorgeous rustic tastes, I dream of their food.


The fassone beef and Tartufo are always is a house classic and are worthy of each mouthful. The oil crackles with zucchini flowers fried and topped with local Laguna crab.

Then the fresh scampi pictured during cooking with seasonal domestic mushrooms, and I adore the rombo (turbot) cooked in the oven to 65°C with fresh tomato, olives and potatoes.

Giovanni is a brother and we love him and his family – we will miss you for now…and until next time take care 🙂