Poisoned Again @ NYC

Travelling in New York and after a deli experience our friend was severely poisoned by the food. So what do you do?

Well there are various possibilities and some are worthy of considering. It all depends on what severity of poisoning and whether or not you have the energy to sit it out, or get professional help. Call a doctor, go to the emergency room, or a medical clinic.

Then there is Mexico and a recently, a friend was hospitalized there and diagnosed as having a tape worm. That is dreadful hygiene and quite scary to consider on a vacation. So, eating undercooked foods are exactly what humans consume when they eat contaminated foods, and it can be deadly.

The thought of getting a virus, be it bacterial or viral gives me the chills. But we too have had our own share of issues and in our travels picked up various parasites which we have treated.

So after asking around I was led to this site which is interesting and useful: