Sakura Hunters @ Kyoto 2018

It’s terribly difficult to capture the impression of cherry blossom and as Sakura hunters, we seek the best scenery of cherry blossoms. In Tokyo you cannot find the finest amongst the buildings in Tokyo, and large cosmopolitans are no less than undesirable unless there are no other options. We start with a photo from Tawaraya in Kyoto, where a tree is cut and cared for by the Ikebana master owner of Tawaraya Sato san.


I say this without any mixed feelings and the confidence of 30+ years of seeking the best scenery within Tokyo city limits. So take a car, and without it suffer the consequences of travel during a very busy season, and stay aware from the well-known sites or fighting crowds of foreigners mixed with locals.

This year was one of the most difficult Cherry Blossom seasons I have seen in a long time. On the first day of spring there was snowfall, and shortly thereafter the cherry blossoms were in bloom. But these photos are not from Tokyo and are all in one day of travel in Kyoto and surrounding areas.

They hardly had time to even come climate ties to the change of weather. This makes it so very difficult for any flower to reach its full potential.

This year the Cherry blossoms sustained some weather damage and so the cherry blossoms were very uneven and lacked the brightness you expect from the white flowers. During Sakura season we also see flowers often used in traditional Japanese patterns, and symbolize humility, discretion and the perfect love.

But even under such circumstances Cherry Blossom in Tokyo is in no way comparable to the scenery you can find in Kyoto, and here are more examples of the extraordinary Sakura. The Kyoto scenery is magnificent and here are some temples and shrines with monumental trees.

This tree blossoms only 5 days a year and planning a visit here takes patience and having feedback from locals, something we always do. The challenge is finding the perfect timing to see these trees, and finding a hotel to accommodate your travels. Have the pleasure of this sakura. Enjoy Cherry blossoms and the beautiful weather and should you plan a trip to Japan, always consult an expert on where to go, and when to go.