Dedication @ Japan

I am never surprised but always intrigued by, inspired by Japanese dedication. Their inner ability and self-control is just mind-boggling – it is humbling. I felt chills coming over my body when I heard her story.

This wonderful inspiring lady travelled herself from Osaka to join a Konishiki event in Odaiba. As a friend and supporter of sumo life I couldn’t miss the event, but I travelled a short distance.

Confined to a wheelchair her entire life with an obvious debilitating disease that has never stopped her enthusiasm and drive. She lives alone and takes care of herself and is 100% dedicated to the career of Ex-sumo wrestler Konishiki.

Konishiki explains her dedication to his sumo wrestling career by always seeing her in pole position outside the sumo events, even in the pouring rain he would find her holding an oversized banner wishing him success.

Most people don’t realize how important fans are to sumo, and without their dedication and financial support sumo wrestlers would suffer. She has never missed any of his events in the last 30 years, a testament to her courage and dedication.

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