Amazing Bouillabaisse @ Roshfeld

A week of cooking with master chef Roshfeld is a super interesting and an eventful experience. Jonathan is one of those chefs who forages immediately and finds whatever he can to enhance taste, a genius of flavour, which no doubt is something rare.

Now imagine the best fish soup you’ll ever taste and taste Roshfeld’s Bouillabaisse a traditional fish stew from the ports of Marseille. Now if you havent tried to make it be sure to use the right fish or risk disappointment – here are the visual steps and good luck, and thank you very much Jonathan for an outstanding soup to say the least 🙂 and we hope to see you again soon bravo!

Fish Soup 🍜
500 Diced Onions
150cl olive oil ……
Big pot medium high temp we start by sweating them nice but not color!!!!!!
🐙 – now we going to add
300 gr sliced fennel &
150 gr crashed garlic……
And now we have to make sure that it’s going to be softened and sweet taste 💤💤💤👻👻👻
1 liter fresh tomato juice including the peels
1 gr Saffron
5 gr Fennel seeds salt are going now inside 🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠👨🏿‍🍳👨🏿‍🍳

Also you need to make sure that everything comes to boil
Ok I’m holding your hand don’t worry!
Now you will need to put 1 orange peel – 1 not the all orange peel
👍🏻 now 10 minuets of low cooking
Now you take one glass of wine
1/3 glass of any aniseed liquor and cook until it vaporized
Add 2 liter of water
100 gr Flour mix good all the ingredients with blender.
The best part comes you have to put the fish bones inside and bring to boiling point….. now lower the heat and 25 minuets!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck me strain the soup 🍜

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