Etna Butcher

Driving up Etna you cannot miss a stop in to the Shalai, a small boutique hotel and a one star restaurant located en route in Linguaglossa on Via Umberto 11: and from there you can access most wineries in Etna and even make a drive to Bronte, the home of the pistachio.

Beside the Shalai, and around the corner and across the street you’ll find the Pennisi family, a butcher and artisanal shop selling cheese meats including a small restaurant. You can sit down or ask them to make a sandwich, the Sicilian hospitality at its best. The selection of cheese ranges from fresh ricotta, provolone, to a Ragusian safran cheese.

But the meats are the very best and its here you’ll find a family run business, and I mean all the family working together and maintaining the Sicilian tradition you expect when you travel in Italy. The Porchetta is a savoury, fatty, and moist boneless pork roast of Italian culinary tradition, it was superb. We took half of the roast and carried it home to feast with friends.


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