Shitake @ Japan

Shitake is Japan’s number one medicinal mushroom, its found in. so many yet its popularity seems to diminish over time as the younger generations move away from traditional foods and more towards western ideals. In Shizuoka we find small vendors closing their shops in place of ice-cream vendors serving wasabi ice cream:  and the world turns on the fingertips of Trump, a raging disgrace to the warming climate.

However, there are crazy ideas in Japan and some are more than crazy while others are sensible. and sound. The revival of Shitake, a popular burger joint, Izu Shiitake Burger a uber-local burger that puts a shiitake mushrooms on center stage.

Their burgers are made with seven ingredients made, including two types of high-quality shiitake mushrooms. The first type is grown outdoors on natural logs by an Izu City shiitake farmer, while the second is grown on indoor mushroom beds. The restaurant’s menu includes a number of popular items including burgers made with ingredients such as Shizuoka tea, wasabi, and Mishima croquettes:



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