T-Bone Beef

It seems logical to eat Regina di Montello beef over imported meats grown in far away places but I haven’t actually ever heard of this region producing meats.

The look is ordinary, no marbling but sometimes beef isn’t about the fat content, it is about the purity of taste. If you have ever watched Jiro, and I haven’t but I know he speaks about the Akami, (https://mesubim.com/?s=akami) the red part of the tuna block, and not the fatty belly which attracts almost every tourist who visits Japan. Meat and taste aren’t always synonymous with fat, and unfortunately many meat lovers miss the point.

In fact, in most places around the globe meat is slaughtered earlier than 36 months, and many believe the beef is more tasteful when it is younger. Yes the veau in France and the Pauillac bred lamb is outstanding, it grazes in few places.

The Italian Laticauda lamb, a well known animal living in Calabria and around the higher hills of Campagna. There are these kinds of animals we depend on for their subtleties, their diet and their breed the same way we do with Japanese Gyu, named and referred to as Wagyu: https://mesubim.com/?s=wagyu

But if you think about it, in Spain where they have outstanding beef-steak, the best I’ve tried in many moons, the animals are as old as 10-years. The reason is simple; a cow that goes through a cycle, a normal life and gives birth, feeds their offspring and carries on grazing will be more likely to happy and produce excellent beef: https://mesubim.com/?s=beef+in+spain and there are some exceptions, and in Switzerland it can be difficult to find a general acceptable standard of beef.

At the end of the day don’t be impressed by fancy-fatty cows and I say it because it is only one aspect of taste, a narrow road for T-Bone lovers. The real taste comes from the animals flesh, not only through dry aging, which obviously creates another range of taste.

But if you are a purest and a meat lover as I am, think of Piedmontese Fassone, the world’s purest beef tartare: https://mesubim.com/?s=fassone and come to terms with the animals flesh, it must be raised and cared for, not tortured and kept in animal pens, fed grains and other raw materials to fatten them up.

Never forget, cows when they are sold in the trade, weight and fat is key in achieving the best price, so the game of beef is a fallacy of fat and weight ~ don’t get caught in this trap.