Creekstone Steak (?)

Gyu or Wagyu is hand crafted, or at least once upon a time it was something as precious as finding gold in a klondike river. These days it’s everywhere and the popularization of fatty meats has become a phenomena.

I have tasted steaks all over the globe and even cooked steaks in Australia, Tokyo, Cambodia, Switzerland and many other places to find myself having a clear recollection of what sticks out as the best steak.

No one can argue Japanese gyu isn’t amazing, subtle or otherwise insatiable and even tender to the center, it leaves us impressed. Japanese steaks are often cooked over classical bincho (charcoal) a black carbon that gets red hot, infrared light can be extinguished and re-used: one of the worlds greatest carbons.

But when I strip the essentials of Gyu’s fat, I can divide meats into those remarkable Japanese gyu steaks, and all the rest. It is the unique qualities of Japanese cows and the low oleic acids help reduce LDL cholesterol: but thats not the only a mind stickler.

The beef we find most often and consumed these days are the USA or Australian beef cows, it’s all about the size, shape and too much on the meats appearance and not enough on the taste. These cows are grazed and corn feed but its not the diet that makes them so popular, or is it?

Creekstone is well known and the one thing about their meat is it generally looks the same and tastes the same, something characteristic about farmed animals in USA and Australia. Perhaps I am too harsh but these meats lack the lustre when compared to European meats and especially in France where you’ll find some incredible beef.

I just reminisce about the beef I received from William in Paris at Severo hand the steaks hand carried by Matteo to my Mykonos kitchen. It was mind boggling and just one of those incredible steaks.

I remember cooking Gyu for William in Tokyo, and I completely over cooked it something difficult to do, but it happened. Whenever I think of steaks there are a two people who climb into my mind, one is GL, and the other William, both from opposite ends of the spectrum yet they are glued there.

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