Food For Thought & Envy

Is it envy or is it food for thought, or both?

Ah, ‘food for thought’ yes it true some experts certainly give some food for thought, and many memories give food for thought. I can’t help to think about how many French critics used to think that Spanish food was that’s a subculture, and then we wind forward 25 years, Spain has some of the best kitchens and our favorite:

Pick up the book profit and prejudice by Paul Donovan. Check it out and read the Luddites of the fourth industrial revolution, a very interesting book. A very interesting book something worth reading while smoking a cigar, sipping a whiskey, or chewing on a cheeseburger. I find myself sitting in the outback in Spain a small village with a mountainous view greener than green can be almost Swiss but without the Swiss cheese.

I am always astonished how the European community is so different from place to place, (country to country), amazed by the European community having this common economic denominator. But it never seems to amaze me how from space and place we have the simplest changes that make the difference. For example in Belgium we kiss one time in greetings, in France twice and in Switzerland three times. Perhaps this seems futile but when you think about the differences those are all worthy.

If you love meat like I do you may not eat it, but we find it an important part of our European culture, it signifies how habits and taste have been profoundly changed. We see how a cow, or cows grow the same way but in some places it’s more important that a cow grazes grass and breezes fresh air, and in others it has full life before it slaughtered.

In some places animals are slaughtered before their first birthday and it’s considered to be tender and juicy, even succulent or disgusting. That’s what makes the difference, it’s all a question of what we believe to be tasty and good, worthy and valuable. I cannot watch any butcher hack meat without knowing the importance in an animal’s life, what it eats without guiding clients.

Ask yourself is Japanese beef the best beef in the world because it’s fatty and is fat important when it comes to taste? Probably yes, but in some places it’s not about something being soft and fatty, it could be about being hard and chewy. This makes the difference, knowing how to distinguish a product without comparing it.

I relish at the idea of people having to learn how to write a letter and how important it used to be. Today, it doesn’t matter you receive a message from somebody it looks like it’s written by a three-year-old, no one really seems to care and is it important after all, I doubt it.

Many eat McDonald’s, adore it and those that don’t it doesn’t matter. From my perspective the garden will never go away, the sky will probably remain cloudy and blue and even if we destroy our planet, we will learn how to rebuild it!

It’s an evolution of process that we all realise is important but for those that do not, they can live through nostalgia and prejudice and get left behind. So think about it when you buy your next piece of beef, or your next frozen meal, or your bread it’s been baked by robot.

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