Negroni Anyone Heston (!!!)

I remember he asked with a thick British accent, “do you drink Negroni” and I felt embarrassed because I had never really tried a proper Negroni.

If you have not tried a Negroni it is the second most enjoyed cocktail around the World. I remember my first Negroni, it was a few years ago when Heston Blumenthal visited us in Mykonos and stayed 6-weeks. Traditionally mixed with equal parts Vermouth Rosso, Italian Bitter and Gin, the Negroni seduces you from the first sip until the end.  

I enjoyed the idea of discovering Antica Formula, the production process of antica formula includes numerous aromatic plants that go into the recipe, all extracted by hot infusion or cold extraction methods.

Heston and I spent weeks trying a variety of mixology techniques, mostly tasting until we had the best balance and taste. And yes, it was an experience we can never forget, each day was an adventure and we had so many laughs, twists and turns *missing my brother FC.

Now winding forward, a visit to Venice where you’ll find bartender Antonio at Aman’s Venice serving the finest smoky negroni, and one of those drinks you’ll savour after a long day of touring the city.

And if you are a connoisseur you’ll love the Negroni at Zürich best hotel Baur Au Lac. This is especially concocted Negroni (particular aged) that is one of our very favorites. And while in Zurich, try the Old Crow, a favorite of ours and a top bartender or Tales bar where I have never been.