Ibai Doors Shut *Gems always shine

After the amazing turbot at El Kano, a Basque gem in San Sebastian Ibai focusing on local ingredients under the supervision of Alicio Garro finally shuts its doors as Isabel cannot go on. It is sad when any historic chef-restaurant closes his chapter, you’ll discover it will never be again except in the hearts of many who adored Ibai.

"make them feel like a posh tavern that they will remember until they die. In how many places do we remember a single dish eaten minutes ago! The same does not matter if they are tripe, malvices, woodcock, marmitako, fish soup, ajoarriero, rice with clams, veal snouts in sauce, zancarrón with tomato, stewed tail, potato scramble with truffles or hake in green sauce with clams, all dishes seek accommodation in memory and there they stay still forever. The reservation at the house of Isabel and the brothers Alicio and Juantxo Garro, because for a long time in their Ibai they could do what few do"

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