Alba Tartufo 2021

I am told that next year the travel season will begin one month later due to the climate change something I found quite obvious yet extraordinary. Even the truffle fair will start one month later not a great surprise considering what’s going on with this season 2021.

Friends shared videos on the Internet about truffles 2021, people showing off the largest size truffles over 200g but where do they all come from? That’s a good question and no doubt they do not come from where are you think, Langhe.

The truffle production this year is minimal and the quality is average so far but there is still some room for the quality to grow. Truffles are a little bit like wines, mother nature decide the quality and quantity.

The main issue with travel availability is two factors: the first is production and this year production is not as vast as it was last year and second of all the high demand globally makes it such that the largest perhaps the best are exported only because the prices important buyers will pay is top. This makes it very difficult for the smaller restaurants to get any real supply and that’s a shame.

So many people travel to have the experience of eating white truffles in Piemonte when they could simply stay in Manhattan and go to a local restaurant and get charged $12,000-15,000 per kilo and still be happy.

Extraordinarily many of the truffles are not coming from here and I’m being told that a great supply comes from Slovenia but I’m quite sure they come from other regions in Italy as well.

Anyway that’s the way it is, and that’s the way it’s going to be unless there is an abundance of truffles, most local restaurants suffer. They cannot and will not pay highway robbery prices and life goes on as the warm sunny weather prevails.

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