Antica Torre Tajarin @ Barbaresco

The most extraordinary light falls on the very small town known for the wine made by Angela Gaja and the notoriously good trattoria in Barbaresco.

One of our favourite restaurants in Barbaresco named Antica Torre a family run business uncle and aunt, and the youngest addition is Vittoria. Her mom who cooks and her aunt Paula serves the most delicious Tajarin and the uncle makes the pasta.

Here there is no fooling around it is authentic to the point, clean and concise with plenty of Piedmontese soul. There are many choices for a good reason because you can have a rabbit or you can have veal slow cooked or alternatively choose Fassone local beef best known as Tartare, here it’s called “Battuta carne crudo”, it simply translates as hand cut local meat beaten with a knife.

Tajarin holds the rein for homemade pasta, significant difference to machine made dry pasta is made of durum wheat, semolina and water. In contrast, Tajarin is the richest egg pasta of the planet, an expression of the very local culture, traditions and identity. I have to think of it in my mind and compare it to soba: no doubt different, these noodles stick together but at the same time come apart easily when pulling them carefully with your fork.

Tajarin, Piedmontese dialect for Tagliolini is a thin pasta of the Langhe, it belongs to the family of Spaghetti. There are however significant differences between these famous Italian noodles and the Tajarin. This is soaked in butter and topped with fresh white truffles and salt to extract the truffles flavour.

This room is filled with lots of tradition and still runs as a family business a cozy delicious well appointed authentic Trattoria, its here you find those well travelled Asians, Americans, and Europeans touching tables with the locals. I’ll never forget the day I was eating there and I saw Angelo Gaja whom I’ve known for many years, and I said Angelo and he was so surprised you got up from the table we had a chat and we left together:

Via Torino 71, 12050 Barbaresco Italy
T. +39 0173 635170