Kitchen Corner(s)

A surgeons table is a place to perform the magic of surgery, save lives, devised through science and skilful practice, it is said the greatest advances are made in Chinese operatories. The reason is Doctors in China have the freedom to experiment, it sounds strange and even barbaric yet it is reality.

Any and every room, spaces are designed for specific reasons and uses, a place we often find ourselves in trying to achieve precision through organisation. Each space is designed for its use and while I am not surgeon, nor can I butcher, and I will never be a surgeon I know each kitchen either amateur or professional is designed by each chef to accommodate his ideas of flow and function.

The size of the kitchen obviously is important and I have several kitchens around the globe some very large and some very small but what I find most interesting is the organisation is all based around the concept of wash cut cook:

The left is a counter garbage mostly dedicated to wet foods, a small sink make it difficult and chalenneging, a single sink in any kitchen is a delight, not! I My friend, he has a small kitchen but I wonder if he has the foresight to organise himself in a meaningful way. A big word, a cutting board is central to any chef’s space and the counter must be oargized so you have direct access to your set-up, knive, oils etc. The essentials in any kitchen; shoe, vinegar di Barolo, spices, Kirin, various types of olive oils, and the common utensils used to shave and dice, and a kitchen without tabasco and small piquant red peppers, or it isn’t completed.

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