Périgord Truffles

Paper thin shimmers as the light reflects off the brownish centre of this black truffle; not invisible and if you buy black truffles be careful to ensure they are firm and not plagued by worm holes. The centre must be coloured as seen and a consistent and balanced veins.

The black Périgord truffle is harvested and sold from winter to spring, between 15-November and 15-March. During this period, truffle hunters harvest the most aromatic and flavoursome black truffles for restaurants and gourmets all over the world. When it reaches maturity, the prized black Périgord truffle is at its most aromatic, compact flesh characterised by marbled white veins.

It grows beneath different types of trees, the most common being the downy oak, the hazel and the hornbeam. It is mostly to be found on the plains or in airy hillside woods, where the trees are spaced well apart from one another. This is because the black Périgord truffle needs light and good air circulation to grow into the delight it is.