‘Katsuoterakoya’ 100% Umami

The year 2022 starts with a “truffle bang” as the infamous truffles in Italy are under pressure as the African swine flu breakout interferes with the end of the seasons’s catch. Italian’s impose 6-month ban to prevent the spread by wild boars and meat bans are imposed in Japan and around the globe. African swine fever is harmless to humans but often fatal to pigs.

Far away across the globe we have a different story, thirteen customers sit at a shari-chic counter to snack on a wholesome Japanese breakfast. A restaurant if you can all it, opens occasionally in the evenings and fundamentally serves a Katsuobushi breakfast, fermented skipjack is the theme.

The owner counter is small and Japanese huddle around on both sides slurping and sipping enjoying Japanese tradition. Nagamatsu the patron-chef is no doubt “Otaku” with her focus on katsuobushi a venerable filled Japanese ingredient we all cherish: https://mesubim.com/?s=katsuobushi and if you don’t then just forget miso soup or for that matter most Japanese broths.


Yes it is sliced by hand, the wooden Katsuo, dried smoked and fermented is cut into paper think shavings. The shavings accompany small course dishes included in a typical Japanese traditional meal to provoke drink and social spirit.

These fillets are smoked and aged for wellness and umami taste. The as rock-hard petrified fish are shaved by hand to add the necessary umami, and all in-front of the clients. Take a journey to try a cozy and fascinating culinary experience but understand this is an ordinary place without much pretension. A strong theme serving soups, pickles, stews, friend fish, eggs and rice. You’ll enjoy having a beer at breakfast and feeling the warmth of the guests and staff before falling asleep.

Gran Duo Shibuya B1F, Uguisudanicho 7-12, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0032
T. 050-3267 open 09h00 – 14h00 and occasional evenings; irregular closing days (listed on Instagram); set meals from ¥1,100; nearest station Shibuya; nonsmoking; cash only; Japanese menu; English not spoken so keep it simple.