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Viva Mayr is not a diet clinic even though Dr. Harald Stossier once upon a time proclaimed the cure is defined by a flat stomach.

He said, you will be body beautiful, the Viva Mayr clinic is renowned for its ‘cure’ which gives a flatter stomach within days. No doubting the importance of flat stomachs we show our weight build up in terms of the gut and elsewhere. The most obvious signs of any regime are seen on the waist line, and I speak from experience.

The View @ Viva Mayr

Our digestive system is working almost 24 hours except when we sleep and most people know a good fasting period gives your digestive system time to do its job properly and to rest. Can you imagine the level of consumption in America, the portions of food and obesity which we find all over the globe. It’s not only how we eat but it’s what we eat and sugar is one of the number one culrpits.

So there are a few rules at Viva which are useful; one is eating a large lunch (if you can call it that) and a light dinner. The fasting period is very important – so eating as early as possible and not going to bed with a full stomach helps you digest and processes much better. Think of it when you wake up in the morning your body should be ready, energised and rested, so what we learn is the rhythm of digestion changes dramatically and the body begins to heal and the digestive system rejuvenates.

Soja Bread – Practice Chewing

One of the advantages of the diet is the fact it is designed to be alkaline, and Austrian potatoes are excellent. The importance of alkaline or acidic is by simple definition easy to understand. No doubt there are groups of foods which cause certain people to have symptoms of inflammation.

Potato & Spirulina

According to the acid ash hypothesis: is thought to make you vulnerable to illness and disease, whereas alkaline ash is considered protective. By choosing more alkaline foods, you should be able to “alkalize” your body and improve your health. I believe definitely there are some foods which are more difficult to digest and also food combinations which are not ideal. We know that milk and meat is not a good combination and it always puzzles me why some people drink milk nowadays given it’s mostly processed and unhealthy. Having said that there still exist in Japan milk producers who deliver milk in glass bottles and it is not pasteurised.

Coming back to digestion and foods there are so many theories and it makes you wonder when you see the rise of allergies. Specifically food allergies, peanut allergies are quite astonishing as allergic reactions occur when the immune system overreacts. Normally immune cells help fight bacteria and viruses yet some immune systems also react to pollen, peanuts, milk or other foods triggering a release histamine. Peanuts represent an important part of allergies in young people and consequently many suffer.

Viva Mayr is not about allergies to peanuts, it’s about every reaction you have to what you do and what you put in your mouth including non-edibles such as stress the number one culprit. But we cannot forget how critical our gastrointestinal tract is when it comes to health. There is an emphasis on chewing and masticating your food for better digestion.

So this is where it all starts as you begin with a visit to the doctor to perform a test of kinesiology. Muscle testing, or kinesiology, has grown in popularity over the last 30 years. It’s a simple, non-invasive assessment tool used by many different kinds of health practitioners during examination or evaluation. It’s used to assess many different things – as broad as general health status and as refined as specific supplement dosage, and almost everything in between.

Different professionals use muscle testing in different ways, so there’s some confusion about the term itself, how the test is used and what the results mean. Because of this confusion, research evaluating the usefulness of muscle testing has been difficult to design and interpret. Believe it or not, Muscle testing in the early 20th century was used to measure weakness in polio victims. Then, in 1949, Kendal and Kendal, two physiotherapists, described specific ways to test individual muscles for other neuromusculoskeletal conditions:

I cannot say that it’s good one way or the other given it depends on this specific neuromuscular testing to establish allergies etc. And kinesiology is an important part of the viva Maya cure so you have to go with the flow. After your testing you may be subject to certain homeopathic pills, or liquids that they suggest according to their assessment.

One way or another, and whether this is an appropriate protocol we know the end result is usually very positive for most people.

The cure includes a multitude of pills and liquids and the most obvious is the base powder which is part of the everyday diet and there’s no doubt is an important part of the Viva Mayr process: and Biogena is a reliable Austrian producer.

Staying a Viva Maya you have many different options throughout the day rejuvenating include massage or oxygen treatments or cryotherapy or Kneipp therapy, a water treatment:

Always consider Viva Maya a place to spend at least two weeks to have any real benefit otherwise you will not benefit from the rhythm and the more time you spend there the better of the results will be.

And if you don’t make it at Viva Mayr consider you’ll discover the importance of eating clean; the idea that your body will work more efficiently when it has better fuel. It always makes me think about the Japanese diet, or diets where people consume a regular and frequent diet.

Savoury Waffle

I start to believe that repetition is very good for your body when it comes to digestion as you train your body to digest better. Surely we all crave those foods which are not the best for us, and our digestion gets pounded by our food desires. The communication between our brain and gut is somehow a regular struggle for many adults and children. Sooner or later we must realise our eating habits are influenced by large conglomerates who sell us those very foods they too know satisfy our cravings yet are unhealthy.

Start your day positively and help your body get a kick start to begin its process and be more considerate of how hard it works.

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