Meaty Minds

Knowing your meat is not as easy as it looks. Over the years, I have tremendous experience with some of the finest purveyors. In Paris with Hugo Desnoyer the butcher to Severo, L’ami Louis, etc. Later, the Chianina race from Tuscany where the infamous T-bone Florentine is served by the kilo. The butcher to the Pope in Panzano (Dario) who was accused of selling cattle breed in Spain and passing it as Tuscan Chianina one of the oldest breeds of cattle.

The newest pack is the Luma Beef who only age the meat of Swiss cattle raised under proper conditions. In the Luma process, the meat is aged on the bone for up to 56 days using a natural mold culture. This is said to give the meat their distinctive aroma and unique taste. I tasted the Luma beef and it is nice but I am afraid it is not better than other well groomed Swiss Heifers.

The picture above is Angus from the western part of Switzerland. This meat has a nice cap and was delicious. The meat is key but the cooking process is equally as important to achieve the correct cooking results.

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