Sushi Takahashi

I tested Jiro before Jiro was a Michelin creation. I last tasted Jiro prior to receiving the 3 star designation numerous times. I tasted sushi throughout Japan with some of the greatest chefs, which are mostly deceased by now. Many of the new generation sushi chefs are a commercial success (a by-product) of the French Michelin guide. The guide has had a positive influence on the expansion of and notoriety of the sushi business in Japan but the standard is ma-ma (so and so).

The younger generation sushi chefs go through much less rigorous training and think too far outside the box. This is a discussion that cannot easily be covered over a blog but I reached the conclusion after 30 years of experimenting in Japan that the greatest living chef is Mr. Takahashi. His grace, finesse and ability to combine flavors are impeccable. His fish is superb and only locally caught. His restaurant is 8 seats and is by introduction only.

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