Lorenzi Milano

They serve the finest in Italy, a family operated business located in central Milan on the corner of rue Monte Napaloene at number nine. Established in 1929, Aldo the managing family member of family business has been serving clients for generations.

I first visited the store almost twenty years ago when I was passing through town on my way to Alba. Since then the store has remained very much the same with most of the same staff.

The history of Lorenzi goes back to the 1890’s when Giovanni was born in Mortaso in Trento (in the Rendena Valley) a very poor zone at the time. Later became a knife grinder and the rest is history. In the shop the history you are surrounded by the countless objects that are collection only say “non venditi” which translates as not for sale. The collection is vast and was built over numerous generations.

Aldo has always focused on captivating his Dad’s focus and spirit and in his shop does just that. Still run by the tall and elegant Aldo Lorenzi who is nearly 80 and still lives by his late fathers motto, ’you’ve done it, and you could have done better’ and inside the shop you find this spirit still there.

This visit, I purchased a small pocketknife for shaving the surface of truffles. Aldo takes a few moments to sharpen it and hand it over. Each time I visit the shop I feel the same excitement. A client who once said which sums it up, ‘I am not wealthy enough to enjoy the luxury of spending less’ while selecting the more expensive of two objects before him.

Lorenzi is one of a kind shopping experience that you should not miss!

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