Mesubim Metabolizes

I travel many miles by car, plane and by foot. I often think about the key ingredients in cuisine that can be used to create excitement. How do we select those “right” ingredients to enhance flavor and give optimal pleasure. How can we be sure that a person’s background won’t interfere in their pleasure of obtaining the balance between taste, harmony and those childhood obstacles of their mother force feeding them too much of any one thing. Or is is a matter of knowing the difference between quality and quantity or how our body reacts to developing preferences as fat cells develop.

This raises the question as to how we fight fat and how our body stores and craves fat. I have my theories about this. I guess even though it is not scientific, we need to feed our bodies the right ingredients at the right times or watch out. This means knowing when and how.

I truly believe that our bodies tell us and we react to foods in a manner that dictates our development of body fat. I cannot say that this is the same on every person and this theory only applies to myself, I guess. Take veggies, cheese, meats and breads and decide which are your weak and strong points.

The rate at which your body metabolizes food dictates how long you will remain satisfied after eating. Foods that metabolize slowly often leave you feeling full for upward of two hours after eating them. The system used to rate how long foods take to digest is called the glycemic index. You know that of course!

If a food has a high glycemic index, it requires less time to digest, leaving you hungry soon after eating. Foods with a low glycemic index ward off hunger. Think about it when you pick up your next sugar or bread.

A label may list 22 grams of carbohydrates per cup so divide those 22 grams by 4: that cup contains what will quickly metabolize into 5 1/2 teaspoons of sugar – ouch!

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