Oste Filippo

Looking back, I contemplate about Cesare and his son Filippo. I wonder and I wonder but I stop myself. I cannot explain it, I can only imagine. The Oste is definitely a place that is charming, unique and full of the character. Filippo and his wife Silvia have a very cozy place and the fire warms the atmosphere. I stoke the fire with wood, my son carries it in from outside as the rain drizzles. The dog chases the shadows of kids and the leaves are strewn.

The temperature inside is warm by the fire but the freshness of the winter settles in outside. The air is crisp and brisk but the wind breezes into your face with a sweetness. I play back in my mind the place, the people and it makes me feel at home.

I hope the kitchen is understanding of what people in the Langhe adore, and that is simple individual ingredients flavored by the land’s terroir. We love the Langhe, a place that is still well-preserved yet in the throws of many changes.

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