Chef’s delight Venice

In Venice there are some good restaurants and some very good. The chef of Venice is Cesare (al covo) a discrete restaurant off the lagoon opposite the touristic attractions yet tucked away to be quiet. He is known for his delicate touch and feel, a man that understands his products and in his gentle ways gets his point across. Simply good food, good attitude and a good ending.

I walk into the kitchen and the staff are plugging away doing what is required, cleaning fish and following close instructions of the chef. The kitchen is well equipped with staff that have experience and know what they have to do. The food is clean and precise and his wife is American (not a negative in this case) as she is very knowledgeable and not arrogant or evasive. The food here is excellent and no fancy plates or weird combinations. I hope you’ll enjoy it should you go. This is a foodie’s haven.

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