Carfagna White 2011

Located on Isola del Giglio, an Italian island and comune situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the coast of Tuscany, and is part of the Province of Grosseto. The island is separated by a 16 km stretch of sea from the nearest point of the mainland, the promontory of Monte Argentario.

Mainly mountainous, it consists almost entirely of granite. Ninety percent of its surface is covered by Mediterranean vegetation, alternating with large pine forests and numerous vineyards which allow the production of the local “Ansonaco” wine.

I tasted the 2011 white “Ansonaco” and it was very interesting; no oak, the color is pale yellow and cloudy from non filtration. It tastes better than it looks and ripeness adds a richness, to already a nice body and taste.

This wine is truly interesting.

Taken from the website:

The idea

Our work at Giglio springs from our live here and be grateful, horses donated suited to “a virtue of love so nice” for the vineyard and the island life that makes us go beyond all bitterness, difficulty contrast and heaviness.

Recover, discover, cultivate, for our pleasure, but also to give a strong signal in the opposite direction to the dominance of the “monoculture” of the market of immediate profit commercial real estate and tourism, desertification emotional depopulation.

We begin, in complete contrast to the abandonment prevailing in 1999-2000. As you know arduous and difficult, full manual, where there is much appreciated and so hard to achieve, our viticulture is called “heroic”, such as the symphony, and, as a symphony: – I dream near you ….. – There’s miles of dry stone walls, terraces also a screw or three, steep, hard work and beauty, social value, manual hoeing, landscape, environment, protection, reconstruction, recovery, defense, derision, and biodiversity conservation, traditional varieties , native, endangered, enormous work and great satisfaction, sincere esteem and weights on the rump.