Truffles Everywhere!

My friends thought it was a bad truffle season, and I thought so too. Once I arrived in Zürich, I found the local dealers telling me about the season. Many said, it is not very good and while this may be true, truffles are case by case. In a good year, you can find plenty of truffles. In a year like 2012, the truffles are very scarce.Truffles are similar to Cuban cigars and each cigar can varies in quality, box by box.

In the Langhe they are few and far between and few are coming from there right now. I can attest to this given the weeks I’ve spent traveling the region. This doesn’t mean that the truffles are not of quality.

There are numerous truffles coming from numerous regions in Italy. Especially all over the Marche, Umbria, Emilia-Romagna and other regions where the forests are plentiful of truffle resources.

These are some truffles I handled today and they are powerful with aromas of white.

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