Hazardless Tony

We were surrounded by Chihuly, pan handlers and the Bill Gates Institute. Time makes the harsh words disappear, yet the wounds of bad disease taint our memories like bad acid. Today is yesterday and tomorrow is a repeat of yesterdays news, sound familiar?

We encountered the “city of coffee”, a place where Starbucks was born, better known as Seattle. Then we met the greatest coffee machine on our globe, and that not great all alone. There is the coffee bean, a roasted treasure of Vivace, and the H2o, pressure, the heat and the local Barrista Hazardous Tony.

The secrets of most good things is to begin with La Marzocco’s “La Strada”, as it brews the finest concentrations on the coffee planet. Compact into a single group, a custom machine, it is just incredible, a heavy-duty machine fully automated with a dual-boiler technology and control over flow and temperature.

In Tony’s espresso world, the formula is 21 grams and don’t forget there are few offices in this world where coffee spares no expense; this is one of them. Perhaps there is no other place on this planet (outside of Italy) where you can find coffee a part of the local culture.

The minutia of making coffee is a based on a sequence of events, and if you know coffee, you understand what I mean. I always say, time, temperature and pressure are the conditions we still control. Chapeau Tony!

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