“Dark Revelation”


Before the year ends, I push back a little in time to a diner of remarkable quality and thought. The launching of Dom Perignon 2003’s grand vintage in Tokyo with Richard Geoffroy.

A dark revelation, in which the wine was paired by “wine genius” and “guru extraordinaire” Mr. Richard Geoffry the driving force of Dom Perignon. His vision was to pair the striking intensity and deep mineral flavors of the 2003 vintage with a menu of intricate foods.

The idea behind the ‘Dark Revelation’ was to showcase the textures of the wine, and its versatility. The above dishes were presented one after the other to us; egg Pasard, the hot and cold egg of famed chef of Arpege. A saffron risotto Milanese with 7yr aged Arborio rice and four year Parmesan, providing richness against which the Champagne stood up admirably supporting the flavors.

The next dish, a clean Matcha tea to cleanse the palate, followed by red hibiscus jelly and caviar from the Aquitaine. These evocative colors and contrasting flavors enhanced the saline nature of the caviar, and the hibiscus brought out the dexterity of the wine, introducing a balanced taste combination.

The principle plate, the seared duck foie gras with a mole sauce from Oaxaca Mexico herbs and spices.

The Loukoum rose ice cream a surprise and a soft and sweet ending to a wonderful evening.

Voila….the superb genius of Richard Geoffroy strikes again!