Eagle in the Sky


I am told, an early spring, a surprise frost and the hottest May on record and the third hottest June (in total degree days) led to a harvest time around two to three weeks ahead of normal. August cooled down to near perfect temperatures with cool nights, allowing the grapes to settle and extend the all-important hang time on the vine, producing remarkably clean fruit.

From my drinking experience, Screaming Eagle 2001 is an elegant wine and is not built on power and concentration, as its tannins are silky and smooth. The valley’s floor vineyards, on a gentle slope have great soil and climate.

After an hour the wine opens up and showed more complexity, but all the way through the taste, it’s a lovely, elegant and finely tuned wine. The fruit and delicious mineral notes in leave a long and lingering aftertaste. (98+ Points)

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