Tuber Melanosporum

There are too many varieties of truffle varieties the most important in Italy. The top truffle is, Tuber melanosporum or fine black truffle. It is prized in Perigord and is one of the most popular truffles in the world.

Its gleba (internal part) has a black-brownish colouring. The peridium is deep black. Its period of ripeness is between the half of November and the half of march. The fine black truffles have their best aroma in January and February.

The fruit’s pulp is the deep black which can turn slightly violet. The white veins, contrary to the winter truffle (Tuber brumale), are finely defined.

In its early stages (November, December) the fruit pulp is still light and the surface gleams somewhat reddishly. These have very little aroma and are hardly worth the money.

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