Truffled Fish


Recently, yesterday I went to my local “sushiateria” and showed off my black. Of course I asked for permission in advance. The season is advancing and the black are large and firm, flavorful and aromatic.

The question is: do black truffles fit fish? I am not sure, but I think so. The one aspect of truffles that you need to consider is the very distinct odor and taste. The mastication of truffles as a part of another food often works. I thought that a shaving gives the fish a background that is unusual and that made me a little unsure.

When it comes to certain fish, the fish has a specific taste can conflict. The key is to find the right fish, a fish with a more neutral taste. I tried it with Tairagai and it was excellent, and I tried it with Anago and I thought it worked.

The chef recommended to try it with sumi-ika and it was a very good combination. I think the answer is, it works and I will continue to try to experiment.