Crabby Types – Japan

Crabs and their protective hairs up close make us believe they are prehistoric. The Hairy crab is native to the Sea of Japan, around Hokkaido, the Bering Sea, neighboring Alaska’s waters and sandy bottom of cold oceans. It was named after its body, which is has a grainy texture and is covered with short hair. The shell is rather soft, egg-shaped and is about 10cm.  King crabs are the largest and they are caught in the Sea of Ohotsuk. Hanasaki, or Queen crabs look like King crabs but they are smaller than King crabs. They are mainly caught around Nemuro, the eastern part of Hokkaido. Hairy crabs are hairy and caught in the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Ohotsuk.

Horsehair crab: Ke-gani – Apr-Aug
King crab: Taraba-gani – Apr-Aug
Snow crab: Zuwai-gani – Apr-Aug
Hanasaki crab: Hanasaki-gani – Jul-Sep


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