Coincidence Konishiki – Tokyo – video

Coincidence is always statistical and they are inevitable, often less remarkable than they may appear. So the other day after getting off a flight, we zipped along numerous moving walk ways, it was a long walk of a few kilometers to the baggage claim.

All of a sudden, my son screams, “Konishiki san”, and we look up on the concourse level above and there is “big guy” sitting with his back to the window. The chances of spotting him was slim given our horizon was straight ahead. We were moving fast along skating electric walkways, and every so often was a walk way to the next skateway. The window areas were intermittent and not visible unless you looked up.

So I asked my son how did you spot him and he said, “I saw a big guy, no legs, two earrings and his hair”. Kids are just more perceptive or less focused, or more focused on their environments.


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