Lunar 2006 – Slovenia Wine


Recommended and shared with Ernesto Iaccarino, the chef and co-owner @ Don Alfonso. Lunar what can a person say, no sulfates, non filtered, excellent emotion, but the color leads you to believe that it is oxidized, I was afraid when they first poured it. Ernesto first met the wine maker ten years ago on a visit to the region and fell in love. He was right, this wine is awesome, it has what a bio-wine needs, power and balance.

The only other wine I have seen look like this was a Rayas 1961, it was almost orange, not brown. The wine was peachy, the minerality shines through and it is unique. It is not oxidized at all, no back taste, or bubbles, I am told he is unique, I believe it. A Slovenian producer of a few varieties, he uses the moon phases, something I seen before.

He says, 100% Ribolla, late harvest, hand-picked, short vine-to-fermentation times (max. 2h). The grapes are de-stemmed by hand and placed in new oak barrels with custom caps. Fermentation begins in the berries themselves, which gradually release the wine. After 8 months of maturing, at full moon, the wine is gravity racked into bottles, no added sulfur, no filtration, no pressing. This is as close as it gets to the wine ancient man found in nature.

It is a wine you should try to find.

(95+ Points)