Cardinali – Mozzarella di Buffala


Mozzarella di Buffala is made in various sizes, depending on the type of work you can have Mozzarella the standard size. Then there is; Bocconcini, Braids, Cardinals, and Aversana which is the largest buffalo mozzarella cheese.Braids are not made in any standard size although some say 3.5 kilos is the braided size most often produced.

The Cardinali color is porcelain white with a thin crust of about 1 mm, a soft center. The small bite sized mozzarella is easy to eat, it has a texture that is much less chewy in comparison with Bocconcini which is slightly larger in size. Oddly in United States the Bocconcini was always the smaller size of Mozzarella but just the opposite is true.

Mozzarela di Buffala is one of the ultimate animal foods, milk of Buffala is unique when fresh, and once you try it, you would never bother with the exported Mozzarella – trust me.