Oste Filippo – Albaretto [!!!]

A small cozy place in Albaretto a small village in the hills of Langhe, it is operated by Filippo and his wife Silvia. Seated by the fireplace, a spit turns with a small rabbit, it looks tempting. The slow cooking of rabbit is not as easy as it looks. One wrong move and the rabbit will be dried out from the hot fire.

The right moment it is taken off and carved in the kitchen. Just before Filippo passes by to baste it, and within a few minutes it is removed.

The cooking is “perfetto”, the skin is crunchy, the white meat moist, it was cooked to perfection. Bravo [!!!]


Umberto 12 street – 12050 Albaretto Torre (CN) Italy
Tel: +39 0173 520141
cell: +39 338 88 7 11 55
email: info@filippogiaccone.com