Quick Pickles

It is very easy to make quick pickles and they are enjoyed by this that are open-minded about experimenting with tastes. I use pickles and cut them in small sizes, enough to crunch given these are quick. Cut the pickles and take some miri, shoyu, konbu and katsuobushi, shavings of bonito.

This is not a Japanese dish per say as the ingredients are sea based. The shoyu can be replaced by salt and the mirin by white sugar. The brine is water, mirin (sugar) and shoyu (salt) but the key to the taste is using sliced kombu, katsuobushi and ginger and a dash of fresh lime.

I used cheesecloth to wrap the secondary ingredients (katsuobushi and kombu) to avoid any particles from getting into the brine. I refrigerate it and leave it for a few hours, checking it to see how far along the cucumbers are in the process.

The end result can be flavoured according to whatever you wish to add, e.g. peppercorns, dill, etc.


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