Nuremberg Bratwurst Glöckl – Munich

I arrived to Munich and received a message from a friend about a “must do” in Munich. Naturally it was food related so I took his advice and headed out. In the lobby I asked the staff about bratwurst not remembering the name and fumbling it. Confidently they told me ” they are everywhere” but I explained I was looking for a specific restaurant named Nuremberg.

I asked for the hotel manager to get some better input and he was close-by in the lobby. As I explained I was looking for a bratwurst, he advised that there was one place to go, and when I said Nuremberg, he knew right away.

Kindly the manager accompanied me to a 7-min walk to the back door of the Nuremberg Bratwurst Glöckl. The Nuremberg Bratwurst Glöckl is not new to Munich, it has been operating for over 125 years, and still serves the same speciality, the grilled sausages over an open beech wood fire.

The atmosphere is Bavarian authentic and the sauces are small and served with mustard and sauerkraut but the beer is incredible. I was floored, I even felt embarrassed by the lack of beer culture over the globe. In Japan they love the “head” but they serve the beer far too cold and even so cold that it is ridiculous yet delicious:

Th beer here had the most incredible fruit aromas and it is served straight from the wooden cask. By the way, we ordered a “Schnit beer” which I had never heard of before, and what is it? There are no half beers in Germany, so when you want a half beer, they pour a schnit and you get a glass of foam, as seen in the photo below.

The taste was immense, the head easy-going and gently fizzy. The experience mind-blowing, or perhaps I’ve lived in Asia too long – but I will be back for another try!

Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom
Frauenplatz 9
80331 Munich


Daily 10h00 am to 23h00
Kitchen open until 22h00
Barbecue open until 23h00