Pintxos @ San Sebastian

San Sebastián, one of the world’s top ten cities in terms of the most Michelin stars per inhabitant. There are enough cool straight forward tapas bars in the middle of town with an upscale basement if you can call it that. San Sebastián has transformed traditional pintxos, (pronounced pinch-chose) the Basque version of tapas.

This culinary movement has followers throughout Spain but here pintxos is on every corner. Tapas as we know it varies from very good to ordinary to excellent and like most things it attracts tourists and locals daily. I admit I am not the type to randomly wander into any ordinary tapas bar, I have to be sure the crowds are not breathing all over my food.

It becomes obvious when you see heaps of foods straddling the counters and lots of crowds, food voyeurs getting ready to feast. The idea is excellent, it is like a candy shop for adults; shrimps, octopus, tuna ventresca, and the most incredible Cantabria salted sardines under olive oil.

Now get into your car and drive to Tolosa 30 minutes away to the town to where you’ll find Ama, a small taverna with a counter and tables so let’s just say it is a la carte tapas. The foods at Ama are excellent and it’s worth the travel, and be sure to ask for Javi and tell him Mesubim sent you.

Ama Schedule

Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 11: 30-17: 30/18: 30-23: 00
Thursday: 11: 30-17: 30/18: 30-23: 00
Friday: 11: 30-17: 30/18: 30-23: 00
Saturday: 10: 30-17: 30/18: 30-00: 00
Sunday: 11: 30-17: 30/18: 30-23: 00
Kitchen Hours: 11:30 am-7:00 pm & 7:00pm-2:30 am

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