Corona Sakoku

My mind wanders to Japan’s isolation policy by Tokugawa Iemitsu, the Shogun from 1623 to 1641. He issued edicts that essentially closed Japan to all foreigners and prevented the Japanese from leaving. Is this what makes a country great again?

Sakoku (鎖国, “closed country”) was the isolationist foreign policy of the Japanese Tokugawa shogunate (aka Bakufu) under which, for a period of over 220 years, relations and trade between Japan and other countries were severely limited, nearly all foreign nationals were barred from entering Japan and common Japanese people were kept from leaving the country.”

I start to see the logic in shutting down borders, restricting travel and protecting oneself, we are almost there. If America wants to be great again they should stop threatening allies and enemies or risk the reward of serious trouble.

Trump can make America great again by being independent and by bringing industry home, added tax incentives it looks like a Sakoku.

But have we come to the point where the Chinese could consider closing their own borders? They are making it difficult for deliveries in and out of China. Disruptions are being caused by more stringent Chinese coronavirus testing procedures including nasal swabs and quarantine threats that flight crews objected to.

Many would argue it’s impossible to close trade but I wouldn’t rule it out. It can happen slowly and not overnight. The Chinese are resilient and have starved before and millions died. They could probably have a sustainable economy without being bothered with the western politics and insults. Their population can be ready anytime to become more communist as before.

The Communist Party of China was formed in 1921 under Mao’s control in 1927. Eventually, Mao led a revolution, and the communist party obtained control in 1947. They had a soviet model of development through heavy industry with surpluses extracted from peasants.

Consumer goods were left to secondary importance. I laugh when I think about how Mao was upset with the Soviet’s position of peaceful coexistence between the communists and capitalists. Maoists had a strong communist tradition, instituted to help transform China into a heavily industrialized society. However, this was largely considered to be a failure and many Chinese starved to death. In the cultural revolution, Mao overthrew his enemies and millions of people were killed or persecuted, so the west cannot consider taking on China unless you can accept the great loss of human life.

The west is America and the political antics of Trump, a mindless hyena without an animal’s conscience. If we were in a schoolyard and we had this kind of bully, it would only be a matter of time until his head was slammed on the pavement. I learned how to detest Trump, he is ruining the trust and unity that took decades to build. If we carry on like this we will end up in a biological war. The next virus is on our doorsteps and many more to come.

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