Dream’in California Casa Pompeo

The Montecito Mudslide on January 9th, 2018 sadly took this beautiful home we rented, a place where I cooked plenty, and shared some find memories. We were lucky to spend quality time there and have friends such as Jean Philips and Ed her late husband, rest in peace.

I cooked lots at this home and it was a charming, enjoyable, and memorable time and when I said “Bye” I didn’t mean by forever. Who could imagine the entire home would be swept away in one night but it was and the neighbors did not survive – a scary thought.

When we arrived at Montecito I set up my kitchen as soon as I got into the house and we were ready to go and explore the markets.


We would head out to the nearest market in Santa Barbara:


I was always cooking beef and large American everything and I would go with my family to the “farmers market” every opportunity. The beef was insane and I loved to cook it.

The markets never disappointed us and the American way of life in California is all about easy-going and yummy mother-nature.

We hope to return again and enjoy the atmosphere and good old days~