Asked about Turin, I don’t cringe about the city’s cuisine but given its proximity to the Langhe’s truffles zone, it is far enough away but close enough and worth the trip.

Life in the Langhe is special and often rustic yet in search of modernist cuisine. I cannot think of this region as a place where a “fishatier” can find it as delightful. The idea of being a carnivore here is what makes perfect sense given the mountains, flats and rolling hills filled with cows.

The first restaurant that comes to mind is La Barrique. Although I have never been I hear that is good. In proximity is Combal Zero, a two star Michelin that has a very good reputation. Combal Zero, indeed a chef’s quest for his own theory in “food science” but I am told, a trip worthy to do. I am not so sure about that but at least the setting is unique.

Then there is vintage 1997 and it looks very good and more casual in style yet it has a one star Michelin.

Finally the Dolce Still Novo, another gastronomica restaurant. I’m afraid that too many restaurants try too hard and in the end it is more about individual choice.

Below are some options.


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