Meat Different Heat

It isn’t a new thing, but its a cool thing, a fried whole steak. It can sound disgusting but it is all in the eyes of the technique. After shopping at Whole Foods, we selected a rib-eye that we would use. It was fatty and had a nice eye. Once we got back to the lab, it was a matter of taking a rigid plastic container and pouring liquid Nitrogen into it. More than half full, we submerged the steak into the bath for 40 seconds. By the time it came out, it was as frozen as the tundra in the poles.

Immediately it was submerged into an oil bath (canola) at a temperature of 193°C and fried it until crispy and brown on the outside. Then it is ready to try, no resting the meat, and certainly no meat juices escaping onto the cutting board. Just add some of Aaron’s sea salt, and it is simply delicious.

If you try this at home, do it at your own risks.

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